Volunteer with Land O’Lakes/US-AID Farmer to Farmer Program

Volunteer with Land O’ Lakes International Development on the Farmer to Farmer Program!  The Farmer to Farmer Program (F2F) is a volunteer program funded by USAID that matches American citizens or Green card holders with a specific expertise, with local agricultural organizations. The objective of F2F is to promote economic growth and stability by building a sustainable food and income source in communities in developing nations.  Assignments average two to three weeks in length. The volunteer donates their time and expertise and Land O’Lakes headquarters staff manages all travel costs and arrangements including airline tickets, ground transportation, passport and visa requirements, lodging, meals, medical and emergency evacuation insurance, and other travel related expenses.  Prior to departure, volunteer experts are provided with a technical, logistics and security briefing packet and a verbal briefing.  The project field staff arrange in-country airport pick-ups and facilitate in-country travel and transportation arrangements.

We are currently looking for volunteers to provide technical assistance for 2-3 weeks in the areas of food quality and safety, increasing access to agricultural finance and environmental conservation. The two core countries we currently operate in are Egypt and Lebanon and have some assignments in Morocco as well. You can find a list of all our open assignments HERE or on the attached flyer.

Some assignments that are in high priority for us are listed below:

Package Bee Production, Queen Rearing, and Breeding (June-August)

Microbiology Testing (ASAP)

Mycorrhizae for Fruit Trees (Spring – Summer)

Sweet Potato Processing (ASAP)

Waxes and Sterols Testing (ASAP)

If you or someone you know have an interest in any of our volunteer assignments, please feel free to reach out to me atghanson@landolakes.org.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions and I look forward to hearing from many of you soon!

Kind Regards,

Gretchen Hanson


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