Survey on Future of Midwest Agriculture

A group of us are working to develop some scenarios of plausible futures for Midwest agriculture – desirable and otherwise. We are doing this to help increase focus on the future – a few decades out- in thinking about Midwest agriculture (and food, community, water, health, energy, etc.).  To help inform this work, we are circulating a community survey.

The survey aims to create a better understanding of how key macro trends are shaping agriculture and rural communities across the Midwest. It explores how global changes in market conditions, advancements in technology, and new environmental pressures are expected to impact the future of agriculture and rural communities.

We would be VERY grateful for any and all responses to the survey AND we’d be even more grateful if you could forward the survey to people and organizations in your network who might like to weigh in!!!  Please encourage them to forward the survey freely, too!
The website to access the survey is
We think you will find the survey itself an interesting experience!  And, the more survey respondents we can gather, the better informed our scenario work will be!!
Nicholas Jordan

Professor, Agroecology
Agronomy & Plant Genetics Department
411 Borlaug Hall University of Minnesota
1991 Upper Buford Circle, St. Paul MN 55108

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