Organic Diversified Farm in Ohio Seeks Manager/Operator

My name is Anton Sarossy-Christon and I own Terravita Farms located in Newark, OH, 45 minutes east of Columbus. As time has progressed I’m finding the farm to take up more and more of my time and since I also work full-time as a high school English teacher the balance has become more challenging to manage. Rather than scale back, I’d prefer to offer the farm’s management to a new graduate eager to put their skills to work on an already established farm.

The farm is focused on producing organic produce, flowers, honey, and products from our herds and flocks of rare and endangered breeds of livestock: we have a line of natural colored yarn from our sheep, eggs from the poultry, and meat from the Shetland and Jacob sheep, Mangalitsa hogs, American Chinchilla rabbits, and Randall cattle.

The farm covers a little over 100 acres of rolling land comprised of approximately 75 acres of woodland and the balance in pasture/market gardens and fruit orchards. There is ample water supplied from a spring and additional water supplied from a 3 acre spring fed lake.

I have established relationships with restaurants and florists and have had a market stall at the Granville Farmers’ Market, just a 10 minute drive from the farm and the largest and well attended outdoor farmers’ market in central Ohio, since 2009.


-Anton Sarossy-Christon

614-216-1607 and on Facebook


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