USDA Apiculture Insurance is Available in 48 States

Crop insurance for beekeeper operations has been expanded to include 19 additional states and now spans the entire 48 contiguous states. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Risk Management Agency (RMA) has announced changes to the Apiculture Pilot Insurance (API) plan, ensuring greater protection for the producers’ honey, pollen collection, wax, and breeding stock. Enroll by November 15, 2017.
“Expanding this coverage so that more producers can participate in the Federal crop insurance
program strengthens the rural economy through a broader farm safety net,” said RMA Acting
Administrator Heather Manzano. “This provides increased support for beekeepers who play a
critical role in agriculture.”

Apiculture systems are diverse, with varying types of plant species and climate conditions. API
is designed to cover the unique precipitation requirements of different regions across the nation.
In addition to expanding API coverage, the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Board of
Directors voted to replace the satellite-based Vegetation Index with the precipitation-based
Rainfall Index for API policies. Available since 2009, API was developed through the Federal
Crop Insurance Act’s 508(h) process, which allows private submitters to develop innovative
insurance products to meet the needs of producers.

Producers have until Nov. 15, 2017 to enroll in API coverage for the 2018 crop year. Crop
insurance is sold and delivered solely through private crop insurance agents. A list of agents is
available at all USDA Service Centers and online at the RMA Agent Locator.
Learn more about crop insurance and the modern farm safety net at


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