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Call for Abstracts for Workshop on Plant Development & Drought Stress

As the number of people on earth increases and as the climate changes, there is an urgent need to grow food plants with less water. Understanding how plants modulate their growth and development under drought will be critical to this effort. Submit abstracts by September 10, 2017. Continue reading ‘Call for Abstracts for Workshop on Plant Development & Drought Stress’


MOSES Organic Farming Conference Photo Contest

You could win a free pass to the 2018 MOSES Organic Farming Conference if you enter and win the program cover photo contest. Submit photos by September 15, 2017. Continue reading ‘MOSES Organic Farming Conference Photo Contest’

Seeking Specialists/Trainers in Marketing of Farm Products

I am looking for folks/orgs in the Midwest who train small farms how to better market their product.┬áThe Sprout Growers & Makers Marketplace in Central Minnesota is executing their Artplace grant, and one of the upcoming workshops on the calendar is Marketing 101 for growers/farmers, slated for November 2017. Continue reading ‘Seeking Specialists/Trainers in Marketing of Farm Products’

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