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Mentor Sought for Beginning Goat Farmer

An individual who is interested in starting a meat goat farm, but currently has little or no experience with goats, would like to have actual hands-on experience, and is willing to help out/work on a farm in order to do so.
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Seeking MN Organic Producers of Herbs & Native Plants

I’m looking for Minnesotan Organic producers growing any of the following herbs/native plants and looking to sell in 2018:

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Seeking Farmers Interested in Collaborative Sales in Carver County

Over the winter I would like to engage folks interested in a storefront or process based in Carver County, MN; where they can sell their locally (MN) sourced and made products. Please email me by mid-December if you would like to participate. Continue reading ‘Seeking Farmers Interested in Collaborative Sales in Carver County’

Deep Winter Greenhouse Operators Sought for Study

Ryan Pesch is looking for any Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) operators who are interested in participating in a short financial research study by U of MN Extension.  Continue reading ‘Deep Winter Greenhouse Operators Sought for Study’

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