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Deep Winter Greenhouse Operators Sought for Study

Ryan Pesch is looking for any Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) operators who are interested in participating in a short financial research study by U of MN Extension.  Continue reading ‘Deep Winter Greenhouse Operators Sought for Study’


Frank & Ernest Markets Vendor Opportunities

Frank & Ernest Markets manages several Minneapolis food-focused markets. The most well-known of these is the Linden Hills Farmers’ Market. F&E is a mission-based organizer focused on supporting farmers in selling directly and achieving profitability in fun, often-evolving market-based community settings. Frank & Ernest Markets and Events has direct sales opportunities for farmers and value-added producers this holiday season. Continue reading ‘Frank & Ernest Markets Vendor Opportunities’

Quality of Life Interviews with Small-Scale Vegetable Farmers

We will be interviewing local farmers with between 3 and 20 years of experience and at least 18 years of age. We also aim to enroll farmers who have less than 20 acres in vegetable production and sell directly to consumers, restaurants or institutions. We are recruiting from various organizations in order to better understand farmers’ experiences and how they are able to sustain their business. Continue reading ‘Quality of Life Interviews with Small-Scale Vegetable Farmers’

Maple Grove Farmers’ Market Seeks Vendors for Indoor Season

We’ve planned 10 market days from late autumn 2017 through early spring 2018. We’re seeking local produce, farmstead goods, and unique vendor-made edibles.  The market can accommodate up to 22 vendors per date and we typically draw 500-700 shoppers per market. Continue reading ‘Maple Grove Farmers’ Market Seeks Vendors for Indoor Season’

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