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Grants Program for Collections in Support of Biological Research

The Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR) Program provides funds: 1) for improvements to secure and organize collections that are significant to the NSF BIO-funded research community; 2) to secure collections-related data for sustained, accurate, and efficient accessibility to the biological research community; and 3) to transfer ownership of collections. Apply by August 14, 2017. Continue reading ‘Grants Program for Collections in Support of Biological Research’

Small Business Innovation Research Program Grants

Funds may be awarded up to $100,000 for a Phase I project. Proposed Phase I projects should prove the scientific or technical feasibility of the approach or concept. Projects dealing with agriculturally related manufacturing and alternative and renewable energy technologies are encouraged across all SBIR topic areas.  Apply by October 5, 2017. Continue reading ‘Small Business Innovation Research Program Grants’

Center for Small Towns Community-Based Project Grants

The project proposal process provides an opportunity for organizations to connect with the Center for Small Towns to help plan a community-based project, hire a University of Minnesota Morris student to assist with project implementation, or request assistance with a project that requires more advanced expertise. Proposals for fall 2017, spring 2018, and summer 2018 projects are currently be accepted; the proposal deadline is July 14, 2017.  Continue reading ‘Center for Small Towns Community-Based Project Grants’

U.S. – Israel Bi-National Agricultural Research & Development (BARD) Grants

BARD projects, conducted cooperatively by American and Israeli scientists, cover all phases of agricultural research and development, including integrated projects and strategic or applied research. Cooperative research entails active collaboration between Israeli and American scientists. Apply by September 13, 2017. Continue reading ‘U.S. – Israel Bi-National Agricultural Research & Development (BARD) Grants’

Healthy Eating Success Stories

Many successful and innovative projects and initiatives have been implemented that address barriers to eating healthy throughout Minnesota. However, due to various constraints such as organizational size or staff capacity, there are often fewer resources available to promote such successes.  This funding aims to highlight the outcomes and lessons of completed or ongoing healthy eating programs, and to promote them, potentially inspiring replication and/or adaptation of those successes. Apply by August 7, 2017. Continue reading ‘Healthy Eating Success Stories’

Bring Back the Natives Grant for Fish Habitat

The Bring Back the Natives program invests in conservation activities that restore, protect and enhance native populations of sensitive or listed fish species across the United States, especially in areas on or adjacent to federal agency lands. The program emphasizes coordination between private landowners and federal agencies, tribes, corporations, and states to improve the ecosystem functions and health of watersheds.  Apply by July 13, 2017. Continue reading ‘Bring Back the Natives Grant for Fish Habitat’

Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Training Grant

This is an announcement of the availability of funds for one new cooperative agreement for a 2-year time-frame (September 2017 – August 2019) with an accredited public or private Academic Institute of Higher Learning, a Research, or Training Institution (i.e. entity that provides training such as a corporation or non-profit). The training tools, resources, or programs developed under this grant should support the activities of those who administer CACFP and/or improve service delivery that ultimately benefits program participants. Apply by July 20, 2017. Continue reading ‘Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Training Grant’

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