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Opioid Abuse Resources Interactive Map

New interactive feature on the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) rural opioid misuse webpage: now webpage visitors can use an interactive map to learn about, access or replicate actions rural leaders are taking in small towns across the country to address the opioid epidemic through prevention, treatment and recovery opportunities. The interactive map can be viewed at Continue reading ‘Opioid Abuse Resources Interactive Map’


Organic Control of Spotted Wing Drosophila Podcast

Spotted wing drosophila, the highly invasive fruit pest, has been spotted in UMN’s 2018 monitoring traps as of last week. In order for growers to prepare and begin managing it, we have just released two new podcast episodes on organic management methods for spotted wing drosophila, on our new UMN Fruit and Veg Podcast Series called “What’s Killing My Kale.”

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Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline

Call Farm & Rural Helpline if you need confidential help: (833) 600-2670. Mental health has been in major news headlines several times recently. Not to mention, more and more stories appear of the negative impact of the agricultural economic crisis on the mental health of farmers. Continue reading ‘Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline’

Rural Voices Discussion 2018

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the Minnesota Farmer’s Union (MFU) hosted 16 Rural Voices Discussions. This spring, these events brought together nearly 350 individuals, including many representing local organizations, to discuss what exactly rural people are thinking in hopes of bringing attention to the major issues facing rural Minnesota. The MFU created a report, What Do Rural People Think?, summarizing the major issues discussed during these listening sessions.

Farm insurance- What, Why, How Much?!

At Farm Commons, we get asked some questions a lot:
  • What happens if someone is injured on my farm?
  • Do I really need workers’ compensation at my farm?
  • Do I have enough insurance? Too much?
  • What are farmers doing about crop insurance these days? 
When it comes to insurance, farmers often have more questions than answers.

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“Make it. MSP.” Resource for Twin Cities Food Industry

The nation’s farm-to-fork leader is a magnet for innovators. No matter what problems you want to solve in food & agriculture you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. Discover leading opportunities to grow your career.

Farm to Early Care Resource

Farm to Early Care: A Year of Healthy Kids, Happy Farmers and Connected Communities! We are thrilled to share IATP’s newest Farm to Early Care resource! This infographic and companion guide are designed to support the planning, implementation and evaluation of a Farm to Early Care initiative. Continue reading ‘Farm to Early Care Resource’

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Website

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