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National Young Farmers Coalition Survey

Through our first national survey in 2011, young farmers and ranchers came together to tell the nation—citizens, policy makers, and advocates—who they were and what they needed in order to succeed. The results from that survey inspired new programs and influenced policies in every state. Now we have the opportunity to speak up again. Continue reading ‘National Young Farmers Coalition Survey’


Assistant Market Manager Position with Fulton, Kingfield, & Nokomis Farmers’ Markets (Minneapolis)

Neighborhood Roots, the organization that runs the Fulton, Kingfield & Nokomis Farmers Markets, is hiring an assistant market manager for the 2015 market season. The full description is included below and linked to on our website:  . Apply by April 20, 2015. Continue reading ‘Assistant Market Manager Position with Fulton, Kingfield, & Nokomis Farmers’ Markets (Minneapolis)’

Lakewinds Organic Field Fund Grant Program

Reflecting our co-op principles and goals, Lakewinds has committed to support the local farming community through the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund (LOFF). Apply by February 6, 2015. Continue reading ‘Lakewinds Organic Field Fund Grant Program’

Farm Animals Needed for Mpls Public Schools Community Event

Hello! I am a summer intern working with the Minneapolis Public School’s Culinary and Nutrition Services Department and I am helping the Farm to School Coordinator, Andrea Northup, with Minneapolis Public School’s third annual Farm to School Community BBQ on Thursday September 25th from 5:00-7:30pm. Continue reading ‘Farm Animals Needed for Mpls Public Schools Community Event’

Farmer’s Co-op Feed Mill Operator Position Available (Wright, MN)

The Farmer’s Co-op Feed Mill in Wright, MN is looking for a person to work their mill IMMEDIATELY. Starting wage: $15/hr. Pass it on to anyone you may know in need of a decent paying job and a good workout!  To inquire, contact the Farmer’s Co-op Store manager at 218-357-2251.

Spring 2013 Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
Volume 21, Issue 2 — Spring 2013 Continue reading ‘Spring 2013 Sustainable Agriculture Newsletter’

Website update — 5/29/13

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to the MISA update.
Find us online at,
on Facebook at,
and blogging at Continue reading ‘Website update — 5/29/13’

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Website

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